National Research Program for Universities
Research Grant Award List 2003-04
NRPU Proposal Summary # 68-1
Systematic study of the berry bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae: Pentatominae: Halyini) of sindh
Grant Number 68-1
Start Date 9/16/2003
Duration 3 Years
Total Amount 944,000
Current Year Award 457,500
Principal Investigator (PI) Detail
Name Dr. Nasreen Memon
Department Zology
University University of Sindh
Address Department of Zology, University of Sindh, Jamshoro
Email Nil
Phone Nil
Co-Principal Investigator(C0-PI) Detail
Name Nil
Email Nil
Phone Nil
Project Summary

The tribe Halyini stal belongs to the subfamily Pentatominae of Pentatomidae. The group includes several species of economic importance. The host plants of these species are, berry (Ziziphus Jujuba Mill), apple ( Malus Pumila Mill), mulberry (morus alba. L.), babul tree (Accacia arabica wild), Casuarian tree (Equiseli folia Frost), Salix sp. (Halio troptuna remo Sissimum) and shesham (Delbergia Sissu Roxb.) etc. from time to time Halyine genera were revised separately from different areas of Pakistan specially greater part of Northern areas, some areas of Punjab, but a very little part of Sindh such as costal areas of Karachi, and a little other part of Sindh etc, rest of Sindh was left untouched. It is therefore imperative to study in detail the taxonomy of Halyine species of Sindh, as in the absence of such basic information the effective control can not be possible.