HEC Reviews GAT-General Test for Languages and Islamic Studies




Islamabad: 29th, November, 2008


The meeting of the Consultative Committees to review the GRE Type (GAT-General) test for Pakistani Languages, Arabic and Islamic Studies was held under the auspices of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Pakistan at the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Secretariat.

Prof. Fateh Muhammad Malik, Chairman, Sub-Committee on Pakistani Languages chaired the meeting, which was attended by the faculty members of languages form all over the country. The main agenda of the meetings was to analyze the suitability of the GAT-General test for these disciplines and finalize the recommendations to improve the test as per requirement of the PhD studies.

The meeting was briefed that the candidates from these subjects get an average of 65 per cent marks in the verbal sections of test. A large number of students fall below the passing marks which reflect a negative skewness in the data. The quantitative (arithmetic) section provides a supplement support and candidates obtain marks with an average of 70 while a maximum numbers of candidates fail in the analytical section of the test.

Dr. Riaz-ul-Haq Tariq, Member (Academics) HEC briefed the participants about the analysis carried out for verbal, analytical and quantitative parts of the test and the problem faced by the candidates of these subjects.

He emphasized over the members to play an active role for promotion of research and teaching in these disciplines and to launch four-month pre-doc programme for students aiming to study MS leading to PhD. He also assured that HEC would welcome new ideas and suggestions in strengthening Pakistani Languages in educational institutes in particular.

The Committee members lauded the efforts of Higher Education Commission for initiating a number of programmes to strengthen Pakistani Language in general universities of Pakistan. They also assured their utmost cooperation in this regard.

The Committee showed satisfaction over the current format of the GAT-General test and declared that test fulfill the entire requirements for evaluating Gradate Aptitude of a student. The Committee also emphasized that a uniform policy regarding HEC’s roadmap for PhD should be followed by all the universities and GAT-General test should be conducted for enrolment of the PhD programmes.