HEC Ranks Recognized Journals in Humanities and Social Sciences




Islamabad: September 20th, 2006


The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has ranked the recognized research journals in Humanities and Social Sciences being published in Pakistan. In this regard more than seventy experts in 18 disciplines of humanities and social sciences met in Islamabad to determine if more than 125 journals published in Pakistan meet the criteria approved by the Higher Education for recognized journals. The Higher Education Commission had earlier developed minimum standards for the evaluation of archival, academic/research journals in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences of international repute published in Pakistan. Prior to approval of the Commission the journal standards had been extensively debated with all stakeholders.


Rather than having a binary mechanism for approved/unapproved journals, a 4 star rating system has been devised. According to this star rating system the degree to which a journal, published in Pakistan, meets the approved criteria, can be differentiated.

Publication in journals is required for the fulfilment of various eligibility conditions in the academic institutions including publication of research work of PhD students, appointment at professorial ranks in academic institutions under the BPS system, and appointment at professorial ranks in academic institutions under the Tenure Track system.


The journal with 4 star rating will have an Impact Factor and 3 star journals will fully meet the HEC criteria. Publication in 3 and 4 star rated journals will be valid for appointments in Tenure Track System as well as BPS system in addition to enlisting as approved supervisor and for PhD research publications. Two star journals will be recognized for appointments in BPS and for approved supervisors as well as PhD. One to four star journals will be eligible for HEC financial support until June 30th, 2008, after which support will only be provided to journals meeting the HEC Journal standards completely.